At Paradigm Wealth Services Inc. our clients benefit from a level of service similar to what private trust companies give their wealthiest clients. Our many years of experience in the legal and financial industries enable Paradigm Wealth Services Inc. to make quality services available at costs similar to those charged by many advisors who do less for you.

Complimentary Consultation
We will review your circumstances, give you our preliminary assessment, and explain our comprehensive services and fees, with no obligation or cost to you. Even if you choose not to use our services, you will leave this meeting with valuable information.

Comprehensive Financial, Tax and Legal Analysis
Although we do not offer tax or legal services, we are qualified to give you the benefit of our analysis of the numerous, important interactions between financial and legal issues in estate, retirement, tax, education, special needs, investment, and other planning. We will make it easy for you to work with attorneys and CPA's who have expertise in estate planning (wills, trusts, and health care proxies), elder care, real estate, and other issues whenever you need.

Define Goals and Risk Tolerance
Knowing how much risk you can tolerate is difficult, but we can help you define risk tolerance by listening carefully to your goals, family situation, and lifestyle. We believe that your financial confidence, happiness, family, and business relationships are crucial to determining a long-term wealth strategy that suits you.

Implementation and Coordination
We will be your single key advisor, making referrals or working with your existing other professional advisors to help ensure your financial, legal, tax, and other plans are fully implemented and coordinated.

Quarterly and Annual Updates
We will update your plans with annual reviews and give you and your family the confidence of continuity with a trusted advisor, year after year, and generation to generation.

Unbiased Choices
We are independent and not affiliated with any company that sells proprietary financial products, so you may choose strategies and products that fit you best. Your best interest is our only interest.

Well-Informed Guidance in Plain English
We will translate into plain English the most advanced research, technology, and cost information and help you decide upon the assets, allocation, and diversification which best match your yield and risk tolerance. Many of our clients tell us that this alone is worth the fee!

When you or family members need advice out-of-state or outside our expertise, we know how to get the help you need to ensure that your plans and your parents' and adult children's plans stay consistent with each other and with local requirements, wherever and whenever.

Competitive Fees
You obtain high-quality services and products for fees which are among the lowest in the industry.